Tiger Lilly Bobcat 6101 LAT Youth Jersey T-Shirt

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 Tiger Lilly Bobcat 6101 LAT Youth Jersey T-Shirt

Tiger Lilly, a female bobcat, was rescued from a fur farm in Minnesota where she was destined to be harvested for her beautifully spotted belly fur.  Tiger Lilly was rescued with 22 other bobcats and lynx in 1995.  Today only she, Apache and Divinity still remain from that group.  Divinity had been sold from the fur farm as a pet, but ended up with us a month after the rescue of Apache and Tiger Lilly.

The ruthless fur trade claims the lives of more than 60,000 wild bobcats and countless commercially bred bobcats in the U.S. annually making it the most heavily traded wild cat species in the world. One high quality bobcat pelt can sell for $1,400, and a full bobcat coat (made from as many as 70 pelts) can cost as much as $150,000.  While furs have largely fallen out of fashion here in the U.S., China, Russia, and Europe still consider furs a symbol of wealth and luxury making these countries the the biggest importers of bobcat furs.

Tiger Lilly was only 2 months old when she arrived at Big Cat Rescue.  She has been healthy her entire life and as a result has not needed a veterinary exam in more than two decades.  She has never been sick, had a parasite infestation (from eating frogs and lizards), been injured or had any dental issues.  This was simply astounding!

Feeding time is the best time to observe the cats. Keepers are trained to observe the cats as they approach the feeding area and take note of any limping or abnormal behavior.  They also evaluate the condition of the body and coat as well as observe the cat’s reaction to food (appetence and chewing).

One morning, in August of 2016, while Tiger Lilly was eating breakfast her keepers noticed her mouth seemed to bother her when she bit into food with bones.  They recorded their observations on Tiger Lilly’s record and the veterinary team was notified.

Because Tiger Lilly had never been examined she got the works; full exam, x-rays, and full blood work analysis. Tiger Lilly’s exam was rather routine.  Her blood work showed signs of kidney disease.  She had decreased muscle tone and her eyes were aged with cataracts.  Dental x-rays showed that Tiger Lilly had three bad teeth which were extracted by Dr. Boorstein.

After a short recovery in the Cat Hospital Tiger Lilly was moved to a new enclosure near bobcats; Banshee, Mr. Howell, and Lovey . She really seems to be enjoying this new space, especially the mountain den.  She spends a lot of time lounging atop the den buried in the high grasses. Since her dental surgery Tiger Lilly has made a full recovery and is back to eating all of her favorite foods.

It is possible that she and Divinity were litter mates – with their silvery fur they look almost identical. Where they differ is in their personalities. Divinity is fearless, whereas Tiger Lilly is elusive and shy. Through operant conditioning, slowly Tiger Lilly is becoming a more outgoing bobcat.

To learn more about Tiger Lilly please visit: bigcatrescue.com/Tiger-Lilly

  • 4.5 oz., 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey; Heather is 93% cotton, 7% polyester
  • Ribbed collar
  • Double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom
  • Decoration type: Digital Print
  • Made by LAT

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